On May 22, 2021, the VI INTERNATIONAL ANTI-NATISM CONGRESS on the subject of “Revisionism of the Nuremberg International Military Tribunal is a glorification of international Nazism, Fascism” took place online.

At the initiative of the Belgian political scientist Chris Roman and International NGO Center for Euro-Russian Studies with the support of progressive deputies in the parliaments of Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, with the active support of European (Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Italy, Slovenia, The sixth international congress of anti-Nazis (anti-fascists) was held online with the support of European (Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Italy, Slovenia and others) branches of the international public organization motorbike club “Night Wolves”, the International Union of Anti-Nazis, the International Expert Club “Red Square / Molotov club” and the public organization the Union of Political Exiles and Political Prisoners of Ukraine. 

Speakers of the congress were deputies of European countries, well-known politicians Chris Roman (Belgium) – author of the EuroRus concept, Fabio Frati (Italy) – member of the central committee of the R101 program, Larisa Shesler (Ukraine) – Head of the organization “Union of Political Prisoners and Political Immigrants in Ukraine”, Vladislav Deinego (Luhansk People’s Republic) – Minister of Foreign Affairs of LNR, Andrej Janzo (Slovakia) – President of Slovak Union of Doctors, Oliver Schneemann (Germany) – Federal Head of the “German Centre” party in North Rhine-Westphalia and others.  

Public figures from European countries and Russia Natalya Balanova (Slovakia) – President of civil association “Russian Association – “Berega”, Irina Vihoreva (Italy) – President of cultural association “Speranza” took an active part in the congress,  David Sykora (Czech Republic) – Vice-President of Night Wolves Europe-Czech Republic, Artem Guriev (Moldova) – head of the international project “Congratulations to Soldier of Victory”, Irina Timofeeva (Germany) – coordinator of the Immortal Regiment in Cologne, Anna Toufeeva (Italy) – coordinator of the Russian National Front.

Anna Tuve (Russia) – Nobel Peace Prize nominee, and many others.

The congress dealt with many issues, among them :  The European Parliament Resolution “On the importance of European memory for the future of Europe” of 19 September 2019 – a political fabrication; “Minsk agreements” – history of signing, realities of negotiations and prospects for Donbass; MEPs hiding the fascist, dictatorial essence of Nazi and authoritarian states in Europe on the eve of World War II;  Equating communist and Nazi regimes – an act of political terror by MEPs; Causes and consequences of increasing anti-Russian sentiment in Europe and the post-Soviet space; Importance of the anti-fascist movement in the world in preventing -revolution of Nazism (fascism) and the Third World War. 

At the end of the Congress, the resolution of the VI International Anti-Nazi Congress was adopted, in which representatives of different countries noted that after the USSR collapse and the disappearance of the socialist block in Europe, the process of rewriting the history of World War II, revision of historical facts, replacement of the concepts about the events of 1938-1945 is growing every year in the world. 

The resolution of the Congress notes that the initiator of this process of falsification, unprecedented before, is the ruling circles of the USA and the European Union, while the main executor is the so-called new members of the EEC, that is, the elite of the former socialist countries of Europe, seeking to curry favour with their Western masters.

One of the most important steps of degradation in this process of falsification of historical reality was the resolution of the European Parliament adopted in 2019 “On the importance of European memory for the future of Europe”, the purpose of which, according to participants of the Congress, is to distort the significant events of World War II to form in the minds of young generation of Europeans the same attitude towards the role of Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union in World War II, creating in them the impression of an alleged “conspiracy of Stalin and Hitler to divide zones of influence in At the same time, the European Parliament resolution ignores well-known historical facts, their sequence, causes and consequences, elevates some episodes of history and deliberately omits others.

In the Resolution, the participants of the congress stated that this approach is anti-historical, immoral, biased and totally subjective.

The congress resolution also notes that by supporting the anti-communist, anti-soviet and Russophobic campaign, the influential political and financial forces of the West are pursuing the aim of making Russia and the USSR not a victorious fascist and liberator of Europe, but an enemy; discrediting the communist and leftist movement in Europe, and preventing the revival of its influence.

Participants at the congress called on all anti-Nazis and anti-fascists, both those belonging to parties and movements and those acting individually, to tirelessly oppose attempts to falsify and revise the history of World War II, including particularly to expose the bias of the above-mentioned European Parliament resolution, and also to extend solidarity with the people of Donbas, to fight against Ukrainian aggression, for peace and security on the European continent and to ensure that the peoples of the world will always remember the achievement of the Soviet people and anti-fascists of all countries in the fight against Hitlerism and its henchmen.

On the basis of the congress resolution, statements and appeals have been drawn up.

Members of parliaments, members of commissions for the protection of human rights at parliaments and OSCE members – participants of the congress will send the final documents of the congress to the European power structures – the OSCE, the European Parliament and the United Nations.

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